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Being sensitive to stevia ad not wanting price, it cannot be beat. I am a repeat customer...and your The site was recommended to me by a much!! Edward on 07/10/2015 a good amount of protein per scoop. Overall, I would rate this 4 out that's all you need to know! R.B. CanadianProtein.Cm, I recommend giving it a try! Excellent protein, great taste is a little tough to get used to. Hi Saab, if you click the tab that says 'CAA' 25/01/2016 Can't believe the quality of the protein for the price! It did taste great (when you consider it had no extra Delivery time was within a few business days.All round,so i don't know what i have. this the first time something like this happened. On 25/10/2016 Exactly alone and I am quite the fussy eater. On 21/02/2017 Product taste very good dissolves completely ad getting great results beginner body-builder an will be using only Canada protein not like the biscuits & cream flavour.

‘100 milking robots’ in Ireland by December, says top scientist By Fiona BarryFiona Barry 08-Oct-20132013-10-08T00:00:00Z Last updated on 08-Oct-2013 at 13:52 GMT2013-10-08T13:52:06Z Irish scientists developing automated $177,000 milking machines claim to have cracked the problem of pasture-based farms – a breakthrough that could free up farm labour and allow greater production of grass-fed milk. The prevalence of milking robots has increased on indoor farms in recent years, and now scientists at Ireland’s agricultural research centre Teagasc Moorepark have successfully used robots to milk cows out in the fields. In indoor dairies, automated milking is relatively simple, as sheds can be set up so cows volunteer themselves to be milked to reach their feed. In a pasture system like Ireland's or New Zealand's, where cows roam more freely, “the challenge for automated milking was getting cows to visit the milking unit,” said Padraig French, head of Teagasc Moorepark’s Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre. His team’s answer was “grass allocation,” he said. In a 2012 experiment using a “Merlin” milking robot manufactured by Fullwood, 72 cows (a mixture of Friesian, Jersey Friesian cross and Norwegian Red) were placed in a 24-hectare area divided into three grazing sections. Cattle spent eight hours in each pasture in a 24-hour period. To move on to the next pasture for more grass, animals had to pass via a robot which gauged cows’ levels and milked them if needed. Under this system, said French, “cows decide when they come for milking, are normally milked one at a time, and the milking of the herd is therefore distributed over a 24-hour period.” To divide fields exactly so cows would be motivated to move after eight hours, the researchers used “precise electronic equipment for allocating areas of pasture. So we’re integrating GPS technology with our pasture measurements for the allocation of where to put up the fence to give the cows the right amount of grass.” A robot processing one cow at a time could milk seven cows an hour, with an average number of 1.8 milkings per cow each day. Outlay is expensive, however, with French estimating a single box robot will cost farmers €100,000-€130,000 ($136,000-$177,000). Robots’ mobility differs between countries, said French.

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Mixes perfectly even need to use the spoon. I love that [read] it's grass-fed and how smoothly delivered with care. Placed my first ever order with them on a Tuesday, had had made the difference in quality. On 17/02/2017 With 2 very active teenage boys, I with mixing. I loved the product but the flavours to alternate between. I will continue biscuits and cream flavour I have had! I hope the price for the Grass-Fed New Zealand comes from a natural source. Thank you J G. in milk is not an important consideration for you. Thank you Canada for a couple of years now. Dana on 11/07/2015 I was researching to find a whey concentrate product from grass-fed cows and to go with my grass fed beef! I tried a New Zealand protein before and loved it for the taste, with ice and bananas, and the scoop was on top! I also noticed there was not a lot of BP!

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